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Dr. Jessica D. Payne is a Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where she directs the Sleep, Stress, and Memory Lab. Her research focuses on how Sleep and Stress influence:

  • Human Performance and Cognition

  • Memory and Emotion

  • Brain Function

  • Innovation and Creativity

  • Wellness

She has been a professional speaker and consultant to business organizations since 2007. Internationally recognized, Dr. Payne has presented her work to:

Fortune 500 companies                                       Major investment banks and Top-5 hedge funds

Healthcare and insurance companies                 Biotech and gaming companies

Sports teams and athletics organizations           Community organizations and not-for-profits

Dr. Payne's research has been featured in:

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The Neuroscience of Sleep, Stress, and Positive Emotion plays a key role in: Performance, Innovation, Brain Health, and General Wellness. The overarching goal of Dr. Payne's presentations and workshops is to teach leaders how to lead in a more brain-friendly way.


Speaking topics include:

  • The Neuroscience of Leadership

  • The Sleeping Brain

  • Sleep, Stress, and Optimal Performance

  • Leading and Living Well

Watch Dr. Payne present to audiences and discuss the application of her research: