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Sleep Better to Lead Better

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Learn how the quality of your sleep directly impacts:

  • Leadership
  • Performance​
  • Cognition
  • Emotion
  • Innovation​
  • Wellness

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Leverage Your Sleeping Brain

Dr. Jessica D. Payne is a Sleep and Stress Neuroscience Expert and Professor of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame, where she directs the Sleep, Stress, and Memory Lab.

Dr. Payne's research shows that sleep and stress interact to change our brains and how we lead and function in our daily lives. She helps people understand and apply neuroscientific principles to promote better brain function and optimize our ability to live and lead well.

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The Neuroscience of Sleep, Stress, and Positive Emotion

From performance and innovation to brain health and general wellness, sleep plays a vital role in improving the daily human experience.

The overarching goal of Dr. Payne's research , presentations, and workshops is to empower people to prioritize more brain-friendly ways of living, working, and leading.

Speaking and Workshop Topics Include:

The Neuroscience of Leadership
The Sleeping Brain
Sleep, Stress, and Optimal Performance
Leading and Living Well


Dr. Payne has been an internationally recognized professional speaker and consultant for over a decade.

The value of her work has been utilized by major industries, such as:

  • Major Investment Banks

  • Top-5 Hedge Funds

  • Fortune 500 Companies

  • Healthcare and Insurance Organizations

  • Biotech and Gaming Companies

  • Sports Teams and Athletics Organizations

  • Nonprofits and Community Organizations


Schedule an initial call with Dr. Payne to discuss how she can work with your organization.

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Sleep Leadership Academy

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Dr. Payne's work has been featured in:

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